‘Will we survive 1,361 more days?’: A reflection on Trump’s first 100 days

The Guardian put together a panel of writers to reflect on Trump’s first 100 days in office. Below is my contribution:

Believe it or not, it’s been a productive 100 days. Most observers will tell you that since assuming office Trump has accomplished nothing significant except for Neil Gorsuch’s supreme court appointment. But they’re wrong. Through his competence-challenged presidency, Trump has achieved a great deal: he has allowed us to rediscover the joys of taking to the streets for a better future.

He has compelled us to educate ourselves about previously arcane topics such as the emoluments clause. He’s made us commit to the importance of so-called sanctuary cities. And he has shaken the press out of a damaging stupor that often saw access to the powerful as more important than checking the powerful.

I mean, even the scientists are marching in the streets now.

But it’s not all bread and roses, neither of which may survive under Trump’s environmental policy. Besides his near complete reliance on unworkable executive orders to govern, and his astonishingly immature tendency to take credit for things he clearly hasn’t done, Trump has also shown that he is an easily distracted man who levies threats and wages war to divert attention.

His administration threatens Muslims and Dreamers, Mexicans and Canadians, artists and Meals on Wheels recipients. And in his first 100 days, the US has dropped more bombs and expanded the wars in Yemen, Syria and Iraq, while releasing the largest non-nuclear weapon ever used in combat in Afghanistan. Now they are rattling sabers at North Korea.

Will we survive 1,361 more days of this? Who knows, but if we do, maybe we’ll even become a more caring society because of it. We’re already learning the importance of uniting in our opposition to Trump. That which doesn’t kill us could one day make us stronger. And if it does, Trump will want to take credit for that.

You can find the panel discussion here.

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