What is to be done about the USA?

Is the United States in trouble? Is it on the verge of becoming a failed state? I ask these questions in The Guardian and offer a solution (and learn about Poe’s Law in the meantime).

Fellow Americans. Today we must finally confront a reality that we, as a nation, have been avoiding with all of our collective concentration. I refer to a country that sits on the brink of failure. A nation whose unravelling will produce untold devastation far and wide, the repercussions of which will threaten our livelihoods, those of our children and even our children’s children. No longer can we look away. We must step up and ask: what is our duty, as the most powerful nation on the planet, not only to ourselves but to all good men and women around the world?

The crisis in Venezuela shows us how important properly run elections are to global stability, but Venezuela is not the country to which I refer. I cite it only because, like this failing country, Venezuela’s recent elections have also been damaged by gerrymandering, leading our brave UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, to call those elections “a step toward dictatorship”. She should know, for the same could be said about this failing state.

There are strong indications that this failing state’s elections were further marred by the subterranean interventions of a foreign power. Fellow Americans, I need not remind you that this is completely unacceptable. Only Americans are permitted to meddle in foreign elections.

And yet on every day, and with every tweet, the leader of this country is determined to undermine the rule of law and the rules of grammar. Not only has this tyrant repeatedly threatened to jail his opponents, he also openly incites his state security forces to wanton violence.

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